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Discover your Mexico

Discover your Mexico

Mexico is a great vacation destination full of stunning landscapes, incredible beaches and snow capped volcanoes. Renowned for its unique culture and rich historical past, Mexico is home to abundant world class attractions and monuments which draw several thousands of tourists yearly.

If all you ever want to do is see the real monuments of antiquity, then visit the Mayan pyramids. The country is home to a host of them, but only a few are accessible. One of the reasons behind this is because most of the pyramids are either buried deep beneath the soil or covered with thick vegetation. However, you will find the world largest pyramid, the pyramid of Cholula; and the Pyramids of Teotihuacan, which is considered to be among the most famous ancient constructions

Founded in 1325 by the Aztec Indians, Mexico City is the world’s oldest and largest metropolis in the world. The city is a perfect destination worth exploring for everyone especially culture lovers. There are over 1,400 historical relics and monuments to find here.

Mexico City is home to several parks, recreation centers, restaurants, bars, universities, museums and overwhelming attractions. There is never a dull moment here. The city center, El Zocalo, sometimes referred to as Constiitution Square is surrounded by colonial era buildings. Do not miss out on exploring the magnificence of Templo Mayor, one of the most popular miraculously preserved Aztec buildings.

Looking for a place to get wet and laze in the sun? Then head for Cancun which features several beautiful beaches, parks and resorts stretching several kilometres along the coast of the Caribbean Sea. Tourists from different parts of the world will be spoilt for choice given the number of hotel accommodation options available. These hotels offer the most delectable food including continental and intercontinental. Mexico is not only famed for its lovely attractions and beautiful place to see, but also as a location for the setting of several top Hollywood movies.


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